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TUESDAY, September 17
12:00 noon to 8:00 PM


WEDNESDAY, September 18
8:00 AM until the judging is completed
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THURSDAY, September 19
10:00 AM

2018 Exhibitor

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Rules for Vendors and Exhibitors

The following rules are a part of the Nez Perce County Fair Contract and Govern Exhibitors/Vendors at the Nez Perce County Fair as follows:

  1. EXHIBITOR / VENDOR SELECTION: *** ALL VENDORS MUST SUBMIT AN APPLICATION *** On or before the 15th of January. Notice will be published in the Lewiston Tribune and on the fair website,, when applications are being accepted. Application deadline is March 1, 2018 to receive priority consideration. Applications received after deadline will only be considered upon space availability. Selection of exhibitor/vendor by fair management considers, but is not limited to, the following: A favorable experience history with the Nez Perce County Fair Board and/or other venues; type of products sold or displayed; date application is received. Food Vendor selection criteria is as follows, but is not limited to; Cuisine(Variety/Specialty), Similarity of Cuisines, Previous Experience/References, Infrastructure needs (Space, Power, Water), Local vs Non-Local.

    A. PAYMENT DUE: Rental Deposit of 50% of the total rental charge is due by June 1, 2018 along with the original signed copy of the contract (White Copy). Final payment will be due by August 1, 2018.

    B. RULE VIOLATION DEPOSIT: ALL VENDORS SHALL PAY A DEPOSIT as follows: Rental contract charges up to $300 will pay a $100 deposit. Rental contract charges greater than $301 will pay a $150 deposit. Deposit will be refunded no later than October 31, 2018, providing vendor has not violated any rule outlined in the “Fair Rules for Exhibitors/Vendors” attached to the contract as all are such a part of the contract. Signature on contract verifies you have read and understand said rules.

    C. APPEAL PROCESS & PROCEDURES: Fair management is under the direction of the Nez Perce County Fair Board. Any controversies or disputes arising out of or relating to the Fair Rules for Exhibitors/Vendors shall be resolved by submitting a written letter addressed to the Nez Perce County Fair Board by July 1, 2018, in order to be reviewed at a regularly scheduled meeting of the Nez Perce County Fair Board.
  2. EDUCATIONAL BOOTH SPACE: (Free Space for the current year) Only non-profit organizations qualify to apply for an Educational Booth Space. The Educational Booth Space must be applied for each year. Applications submitted by organizations occupying an educational booth space during the three (3) years prior may not be considered in order to give all non-profit organizations an opportunity to exhibit. However, previous non-profit exhibitors are not prohibited from purchasing a space for exhibition.
  3. STAFFING OF FAIR BOOTH/EXHIBIT SPACE: During the official open hours of each and every day of the fair, all concessions and exhibitors/vendors (Educational Booths Excluded) must be open to the public and staffed appropriately. Official fair hours are as follows:

    Thursday 10:00 A.M. – 9:00 P.M.
    Friday & Saturday 10:00 A.M. – 10:00 P.M.
    Sunday 10:00 A.M. – 3:00 P.M.

    All Exhibitors/Vendors and Concessionaires shall open their booths on time and remain open until the specified closing times. Fair Pavilion will be cleared immediately after closing so area can be secured.
  4. EXHIBITOR/VENDOR SETUP: Setup times are Saturday & Sunday, 8 A.M. to 8 P.M. / Monday & Tuesday, 8 A.M. to 9 P.M. / Wednesday 4 P.M. to 9 P.M. (Pavilion closed for Judging until 4 P.M.). All exhibitors and vendors must complete setup prior to 9 P.M. Wednesday. Exhibitors and Vendors who are unable to complete set up in a timely manner may be subject to loss of the “Rule Violation Deposit”. FOOD VENDORS NOTE: Fair dining canopies will be set up NO LATER than 8:00 a.m. Thursday.
  5. EARLY TEARDOWN RESTRICTION: All exhibitors and vendors must remain fully operational and open to fair attendees through 3 P.M. on Sunday. Exhibitors and vendors who are unable to comply with this schedule shall forfeit the “Rule Violation Deposit”.
  6. PRODUCTS SOLD: Contract is prepared based on the information provided from the application. Any products not listed on your contract shall not be sold. Fair Management reserves the right to prohibit the selling of any item that infringes on the products of another vendor. Violation to this rule shall result in forfeiture of “Rule Violations Deposit”. Any change requests to the approved list of products must be submitted in writing by September 1, 2018 to the Nez Perce County Fair Management. A written notice of the decision will be mailed. Refer to “Appeal Process & Procedures” as outlined in the above-mentioned if vendor wishes to dispute fair management’s decision.
  7. PRODUCTS NOT ALLOWED TO BE SOLD: Balloons inflated with gas may be sold or permitted as giveaway items but MUST be attached to a stick or weight. Any item, whether animate or inanimate, those that are used for or are capable of causing harm or bodily injury are not allowed on the fairgrounds. Violation to this rule shall result in the forfeiture of the “Rule Violation Deposit”.
  8. IDAHO SALES TAX: An Idaho Sales Tax Number must be posted in every booth participating at the Fair. All exhibitors/vendors must complete an Idaho Sales Tax Declaration Form ST124 and return the white copy to the fair office with the signed contract. Exhibitor/vendor retains the yellow & pink copies.
  9. THE FAIR WILL ASSUME NO RESPONSIBILITY: The Nez Perce County Fair Board shall not be responsible for any loss, damage, or injury of any kind to any property of the exhibitor/vendor, his or its agents or employees, or for any personal injury suffered by the exhibitor/vendor. Twenty Four (24) hour security is provided beginning at 8 a.m. Monday through Sunday. Exhibitor/Vendors should cover and secure area each night to avoid damage or theft.
  10. FREE EXHIBITOR PASSES: NO PASSES WILL BE MAILED. Passes are enclosed in the exhibitor/vendor packets. Packets can be picked up at the fair office, providing contract is paid in full. Those purchasing a single booth will receive up to four (4) exhibitor passes, double or triple space will receive up to six (6) passes. These passes can only be given out to workers in your booth. A maximum of ten (10) extra passes may be purchased at the current exhibitor/vendor admission rate.

    Once the fair has officially opened exhibitor/vendor, and their worker’s, must present exhibitor/vendor pass in order to enter the fairgrounds. If a pass is not in their possession, they will be required to purchase a ticket at the full rate of the admission price. It is the responsibility of the exhibitor/vendor to notify their workers of the pass requirements.
  11. SHALL NOT SUBLET: Only persons receiving a written contract for exhibit space will be allowed to exhibit. The business owner signing contract will not sublet any part of their booth space. If exhibitor/vendor decides to sell their business, they must notify the Nez Perce County Fair Office. The new owner of said business will need to re-apply by submitting a new application for approval. There is no guarantee the same space/location will be available.
  12. MULTIPLE VENDORS IN ONE RENTED SPACE NOT ALLOWED: Space is rented to vendor as listed on contract and who signed contract. Owners of multiple business entities may jointly rent space only if the entities are registered under the same Idaho Sales Tax Account. If the entities are not registered under the same Idaho Sales Tax number each entity will be required to purchase two different spaces under two separate contracts. No more than two (2) booth spaces will be sold to any one exhibitor/vendor inside the pavilion.

    NON-RETAIL EXHIBITORS must receive approval from Fair Management for more than one exhibitor to operate from one space. Violation to this rule shall result in the forfeiture of the “Rule Violation Deposit”.
  13. SOUND AMPLIFICATIONS: The use of public address systems or other sound amplification will not be permitted except by special approval of fair management.
  14. CANCELLATION: Cancellation thirty (30) days prior to opening day of fair, 100% refund will be given. Cancellation 14-30 days prior to opening day of fair 50% refund will be given. 100% refund if space is re-sold prior to opening day of Fair.
  15. EXTENSIONS OR ADDITIONS: Approval from fair management must be granted for any extensions or additions to booths to exceed seven feet in height inside and no taller than eight feet outside or the booth dimensions allocated on your contract.
  16. ELECTRICITY & USAGE: Exhibitors/Vendors are furnished with 110-volt 20 amp per plug. The addition of extra electrical will be charged as written on vendor contract.

    INSIDE PAVILION: Electrical appliances drawing more than 2000 watts are not allowed without consent of the fair management.
    All electrical appliances sold and displayed for sale or used for demonstration must be U.L. approved -- not the parts only, but the complete product. You must have grounded extension cords and all cords on any electrical device must be grounded. If special plugs are required, exhibitor/vendors must furnish male and female connectors. All plugs must be grounded and U.L. approved. Fair management reserves the right to refuse to connect electrical service to equipment not to be considered safe.Any extension cord less than 14 gauge will not be permitted.
  17. SAFETY & BENEFIT: The mission of the Nez Perce County Fair is to provide wholesome, affordable, family-oriented entertainment and education in an agricultural environment within clean and safe surroundings. Any and all acts that violate or tend to violate the fair mission statement are prohibited, and fair management is authorized to terminate any violation by taking whichever action is deemed appropriate, including, but not limited to, closing the exhibit and/or removing the violators from the fairgrounds.
  18. NO FRYING OR FOOD PREPARATION: The Fair Kitchen is the only area where frying and food preparation are allowed in the pavilion unless approved by fair management.
  19. PARKING VEHICLES: No exhibitor/vendor shall be allowed to park vehicles around or near their rented space or concession area except those who have been issued an Orange parking pass to do so. All vehicles shall be parked in the established parking lot or on designated overnight parking areas. Vehicles blocking service vehicles or found to be parked in an undesignated are in violation of this rule. Loading and unloading must be done and vehicles removed from the concession area before 10 A.M. each day.
  20. SPACE/LOCATION NOT GUARANTEED: The Nez Perce County Fair reserves the right to assign booth locations at fair management’s discretion for the best interest of the fair. Fair management makes every effort to provide exhibitors/vendors from previous or current fair first choice on exhibit space, but neither space nor location is guaranteed.
  21. ADDING/DELETING ITEMS ON CONTRACT: Any change requests to the approved list of products must be submitted in writing by September 1st to the Nez Perce County Fair Management. Fair Management reserves the right to prohibit the selling of any item that infringes on the products of another vendor. A written notice of the decision will be mailed. If exhibitor/vendor wishes to dispute management’s decision see “APPEAL PROCESS & PROCEDURES” located on page one.
  22. SOLICITING AND SELLING: Exhibitor/Vendor must stay within their designated space during the duration of the Fair. Exhibitor/Vendor will not be allowed to expand past their original space per their signed contract. If exhibitor/vendor chooses not to comply with this rule, it would be considered a Material Breach of Contract and the exhibitor/vendor contract shall be terminated and they would be asked to leave the premises and their “Rule Violation Deposit” shall be forfeited.

    POLITICAL CANDIDATES: Candidates are welcome to stroll around the fairgrounds, meeting and greeting the public, providing they respect others personal space, are not being disruptive and maintain a professional manner. Candidates are not to hand out any political material but may place so called material in a designated space as provided by their political party or in an area approved by fair management.
  23. EXHIBIT SPACE: The exhibitor/vendor accepts the space as it exists and agrees to return said space in the same condition as the space was in at the time of rental. The Exhibitor/Vendor agrees to pay the costs of repair and replacement for any damages. Violation to this rule may result in the forfeit of your “Rule Violation Deposit”.
  24. SHIPMENTS: Packages must be addressed to the business name as it is listed on the fair contract and shipped to 1229 Burrell Avenue, Lewiston, ID 83501. The exhibitor/vendor expecting shipments will be responsible for checking with office to see if package has arrived. Nez Perce County Fair Board will take no responsibility for lost or stolen shipments.
  25. REFUNDS AND SALES AGREEMENTS: Nez Perce County Fair Board and management requests that vendors stand behind the products they sell.
  26. BUILDING SECURITY: The fair pavilion will be locked and secured at the scheduled closing times. There will be no restocking of booths after closing. Security personnel will admit exhibitors/vendors who can show their exhibitor/vendor pass between 8 A.M. & 10 A.M. for restocking. No one will be allowed to enter before 10 A.M. without the appropriate Exhibitor/Vendor Pass.
  27. PRIZE WINNING “COMMERCIAL BOOTHS”: The commercial booths will be judged by three (3) representatives from different local businesses. Booths will be judged and prizes will be awarded as follows:

    A. FAIR THEME - General idea around which exhibit is built - (35 Points).

    B. ORIGINALITY - New ideas in presentation & material - (35 Points).

    C. ATTRACTIVENESS - Ability of exhibit to attract & hold attention - (30 Points).

    FIRST PLACE - Free same-size space next year.
    SECOND PLACE - One-half off same-size space next year.
    THIRD PLACE - One-Third off same-size space next year.

  28. PRIZE WINNING “EDUCATIONAL BOOTHS”: Educational booths will be judged by three (3) representatives from different local businesses. Booths will be judged and prizes will be awarded as follows:

    A. FAIR THEME - General idea around which exhibit is built - (20 Points)

    B. ORIGINALITY - New ideas in presentation and material used - (20 Points)

    C. ATTRACTIVENESS - Ability of the exhibit to attract and hold attention - (20 Points)

    D. EFFECTIVENESS - Story told clearly and accurately - (20 Points)

    E. SALESMANSHIP - Sell the organization, its services and accomplishments - (20 Points)
    FIRST PLACE - $75.00 Check
    SECOND PLACE - $50.00 Check
    THIRD PLACE - $25.00 Check
    User/Tenant/Exhibitor/Vendor/Concessionaire/Renter (Lessee) agrees to Indemnify and Hold Harmless Nez Perce County, Nez Perce County Fair Board, their officers, directors, agents and employees(Lessor) from any and all liability for injury, property damage or personal injury however caused arising out of the use of the premises.
    All Food Vendors as well as vendors who have been requested to do so are required to provide a certificate evidencing Comprehensive General Liability insurance to Nez Perce County, Nez Perce County Fair Board, their officers, directors, agents and employees and add as an Additional Insured. Lessee shall provide requested Certificate of Insurance and Additional Insured endorsement ten (10) days prior to the scheduled event. Such insurance shall cover bodily injury, property damage and personal injury in the following limits: $2,000,000 General Aggregate, $2,000,000 Products-Completed Operations Aggregate, $1,000,000 Personal & Advertising Injury, $1,000,000 Each Occurrence, $100,000 Damage to Renter Premises and $5,000 Medical Expense.


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