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Fair Board



Gwen Heitstuman

Gwen was appointed to the Board in 1999. She replaced Mary Dau, who was very persuasive in her recruitment pitch. Gwen’s volunteer days go back to the early 90’s when her daughter showed and she was recruited to help with the pig show. In the early 2000’s, she started clerking the Stock Sale on Saturday night and has continued to do so. She has also assisted with data entry for the open class exhibits and wherever else help has been needed over the years. Gwen’s current term ends in January, 2023 and she will be leaving the Board. She will be much missed!


Vice Chairman

Paul Boyd
Paul Boyd was appointed to the Board in 2017. He first became involved with the fair when his daughters showed. He helped out in the swine and steer barns and continues to offer his support in the beef barn. He was a 4-H CWF Chaperone during the 2015 trip and is still active in supporting the program. Paul assists with premium preparations and is always willing to assist where he’s needed.


Kim L. Cannon
Kim was appointed to the Board in 2008. He was involved in the fair from 2004-2018 as a 4-H parent and leader. His 3 kids showed animals and he served as project leader for various projects over the years. He replaced Dale Siflow, who recruited him. He is an electrical contractor and his skill set was needed on the Board. Kim’s insight to board decisions is very appreciated.


Bob Carlton
Bob was appointed to the Board in 2012. He first became involved with the fair when his kids showed animals. He and his wife were leaders for many years with the Tail Twisters 4-H Club. He spent many years as the Sheep Barn Superintendent before being asked to serve on the Board. Bob’s knowledge and willingness to help guide projects on the Fairgrounds is appreciated.


Tony Havens
Tony was appointed to the Board in 2010. He has been in and around the fair for over 30 years as a 4-H member, parent, 4-H leader and a Board Member. He grew up near the fairgrounds, so the availability to enjoy the fair was easy. Tony celebrated many Birthdays at the fair. His own children were part of 4-H and the fair as well. Raising sheep and steers for the Fair has always been a passion of his that continues on today. During this time, he has seen many small, and some large, improvements take place and he hopes for many more in the near future. His enthusiasm is appreciated.


Leslie Smith
Leslie Smith was appointed to the Board in 2020. She has been a volunteer in the Flower Department since 2001. She’s only missed two tear down days and only because she had the flu! She has entered flowers every year and on occasion, has entered paper crafts and canning. Leslie’s positive attitude and willingness to help makes the fair a brighter place.


Joanie Wittman
Joanie was appointed to the Board in 2022. Joanie has a long history of being involved with 4-H and FFA, both as a member and later helping her two sons with their projects. She is interested in improving the infrastructure of the fairgrounds. Joanie has volunteered in the needlework department for years, as well as wherever else needed. She wants to make sure fairgoers, participants and vendors all have a great experience. Joanie’s enthusiasm and willingness to help wherever needed is greatly appreciated.


Nez Perce County Commissioners

Don Beck
District 1
Doug Havens
District 2
Doug Zenner
District 3

Fair Board History


In the 1950s, a meeting of businessmen and interested exhibitors was held to appoint a committee of fifteen members to manage the Nez Perce County Fair. The Fair continued with a 21-person committee acting as the Fair Board. In 1953, there was a new move to get a county fair board founded under the Idaho Code. The stack of petitions representing 4,500 county residents was appealing for a permanent County Fair Board. Herbert Powell (third from the right), Chairman of the Lewiston Chamber of Commerce Petition Committee, is presenting them to the Nez Perce County Commissioners in the photo below. (Left to Right) Bert Schroeder, J.D. Richardson, Wayne Talbott, Powell, and Art Barnes and Kermit Malcom of the Chamber of Commerce, who presented the petitions to the Commissioners at the County Courthouse on December 15, 1953.



Ed C. Rettig 1954-1972
John Thiessen 1954-1978
Art Barnes 1954-1959
Herb Powell 1954-1978
Hugh Parks 1954-1975
Jack Clifford 1954-1958
Buford Webb 1954-1976
Joe Dahmen 1954-1955


Norman Fitzsimmons 1955-1959
Loren Kambitsch 1955-1978
Joe Thometz 1955-1969
George Wilkinson 1958-1977
Gerald Storer 1959-1982
Darrell Kirby 1977-1981
Peter Wilson 1978-1985
William Jones 1981-1986
Margaret Burman 1978-1993
Dick Wagner 1979-1984
James Hamm 1983-1984
Larry Vincent 1984-1992
Mark Mustoe 1984-1990
Bud George 1985-1986
Bill McVicars 1985-1990
Mary Dau 1986-1998
George Brockman 1987-1999
Robert Prasil 1987-1991
Dale Silflow 1991-2007
Mike Lorenz 1991-2011
Dan Faller 1992-2009
Bruce Boyer 1993-2016
Janet Sprute 1994-2020
Gwen Heitstuman 1999-present
Marion (Buck) Kirk 2000-2008
Kim Cannon 2008-present
Jeff Seipert 2009-2013
Tony Havens 2010-present
Bob Carlton 2012-present
Art King 2013-2017
Paul Boyd 2017-present
Russie Hastings 2018-2021
Leslie Smith 2020-present
Joanie Wittman 2022-present



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